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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

JiuZhaiGou Car Rental,Charter Car

JiuZhaiGou Car Rental,Charter Car
JiuZhaiGou Car Rental,Charter Car
  • This method of transport is often adopted by visitors who also want to get to the other destinations around Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Area.
  • It is also a recommended means for visit should you decide to arrive at or leave Jiuzhaigou by air.
  • With WestChinaGo’s considerate service, you don’t worry your suitcase while visiting the scenery, you have more time to blend with local life.
  • Safe and Sound Trip will save your more time. more effcient

JiuZhaiGou Car Rental
  • From JiuZhaiGou Aiport To JiuZhaiGou
  • From JiuZhaiGou Aiport To HuangLong
  • From JiuZhaiGou To JiuZhaiGou Airport
  • From HuangLong To JiuZhaiGou Aiport
  • From JiuZhaiGou To HuangLong
  • From ChengDu to JiuZhaiGou | HuangLong
  • Transportation: You have chance to visit the ruin site of 2008 earth-quake
  • alongside have many minority culture and history tribes,visit tibetan family…
  • itinerary will pass by dujiangyan panda base, mount qingcheng,dujiangyan irrigation…
  • To blend more with local tibetan people, such as joining into needfire evening;Roast lamb;horse riding….
  • car can pull over when you advice.
  • long trip,almost 9 hours
  • need to get up earlier
  • ……:
Chengdu-JiuZhaiGou Car Rental
ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service
Ph:(+86) 135 4089 3980 

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