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chengdu panda keeper
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Sunday, May 20, 2018

2018 ChengDu Panda Hug

2018 ChengDu Panda Hug

2018 China Panda Photo Official Cost(Donation):
1800 RMB/per≈ 285 usd/per

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How To Spend Night Time In JiuZhaiGou Tour

usually we visit the jiuzhaigou national park at day, the rest time is free activity,
some tourist don’t know how to spend thenight time, in order to let jiuzhaigou trip more choice and significant,
the following advice for your reference

1. QianGuQing Night Show

JiuZhaiGou QianGuQing is unique theme park jiuzhaigou,which is live tibetan and qiang minority old town,present the center of jiuzhaigou culture, it’s top-recomming place for tourist in night activity
JiuZhaiGou QianGuQing zone,
• Opening Time: 8:00 PM-9:30
• Add:九寨沟千古情(阿坝州漳扎镇九寨千古情景区)
• Price: 250 RMB/person


2. Visiting Food Street and Shopping Street

Jiuzhaigou Food Street:
漳扎镇 阿坝州九寨沟沟口彭丰天堂口美食街 

漳扎镇 九寨沟县沟口边边街

Visiting Shopping Street:

3. Stay In Hotel

if you feel tired, don’t want to go further,ok stay in hotel, you have many choice to relaxe,
for example. 5 star hotel:Howard Johnson Tianyuan Resort Jiuzhaigou
have many facility:fitness, Hot Spring, out door swiming pool, inside hotel, there are kinds of bar, shopping street.

4. Tibetan Home Visiting

you can join in the bonfire party,dancing with local,grill the mutton. drink the tibetan wine,eating the delicious snack…

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Why WestChinaGo is best Choice for China Panda Volunteer

for China Panda Volunteer and taking picture with panda, many many tourists feel confused and have no conception, There are a lot of info online, they don’t know who is reliable.
As local travel agency, Chengdu westchinago travel service have received more than thousands of china panda volunteers every year,
so we have enough qualification and it’s time to make it clear for everybody who wants to be China panda volunteer.

1. Price Transparency

China Panda Volunteer :China Panda Volunteer Cost is 700 RMB.roughly ≈ 106 usd(currency rate fluctuate).
China Panda Holding :China Panda Holding Cost is 1800 RMB.roughly ≈ 285 usd(currency rate fluctuate).
for this ,is there any dealer tell you?even you directly ask panda base,what’s the price for china panda volunteer,they still charge 700 CNY/person,
why some dealer quote more than 200 + usd/person ? is there any difference?
WestChinaGo here assure you: no matter who you choose(even panda base itself); no matter how inflated price you pay,you go to the same place,do the same things; definitely, you receive the same treatment.
Attention & Solid Advice: Don’t order from Viator, Who as tour platform charge every the order’s value X 20% which come from you, not tour operator(dealer).
The Bug of ChengDu Panda Holding Price>500 usd/person exist For a long run, even no website tell you specific and accurate price, so many many tourists got rip-off.if they know better choice, they will kick themselves.
China Panda Volunteer

2.Reservation Service

Healthy Report:Applying to Panda Volunteer need healthy report; it’s difficult for most tourist, taking a lot effort and time, money, So WestChinaGo will assistant you finish this with easy step at the fastest speed, you don’t worry this.
All the travel agencies are the middleman for panda base, WestChinaGo’s response speed beyond usual counterparts, the importance is making a successful reservation with short time.
some tourist intends to contact panda base directly, hope get a favorable price or reservation. but most of time, no response.because:
  • usually they mainly let travel agency distribute their business
  • In most of the cases, travelers will ask many questions before making the reservation.Unfortunately, the staff in panda base is busy and office is understaffed, they do not have enough time to reply all the questions and trivial detail individually. writing more email back will not benefit them, their salary won’t increase accordingly, on the contrary, it’s distraction and burden
  • Most emails don’t include the healthy report,it’s basic for panda volunteer,this way increase the communication cost.,even some tourist confirm the day to join,but the result is panda base is fooled, There were many no-show cases happened before, so how to validate the successful reservation, panda base let travel agency to finish. so when it comes to travel agency, you get the detailed info and confirm successful reservation upon payment.
China Panda Volunteer

3. Tour Guide

nobody tell you that it is not neccessary to hire the tour guide at all, because:
• Dujiangyan Panda Ark is not big, easy to explore on your own.(Tour map)
• Our driver will show you the way to the office and help you to check in.
• The English speaking staff will guide you through the panda volunteer work, staff will be on site to enhance the communication between volunteer workers and keepers.
• The Official cost:700 RMB/per already included the English service for panda volunteer.
To some extent; you pay 2 times repeatedly if you hire an extra tour guide.,
but if you insist, we could arrange an extra tour guide for you.
China Panda Volunteer

4. Charter Car

Charter Carfrom chengdu to dujiangyan poanda base ,60 KM, 1.5 hour driving distance for arrival,Panda volunteer starts at 9am, to have a hustle free journey, charter car is best way, our price is moderate and reasonable
in fact, westchinago’s profit is marginal car service,round trip, including hotel pick up and drop off,some people think it high?
you just ask your hotel’s quotation, you will understand who overcharge. even you choose your hotel service,possibly is our driver to finish.
11)the car we use is internationl brands, VW passate,SAGITA,Buick Lacrosse;Buick GL8…not cheap domestic car
22)the driver is very experienced more than 10 years driving experience.and only focus on the itinerary to panda base,no detour and shopping stops.

China Panda Volunteer
China Panda keeper
China Panda Volunteer

5. Cilents’ Review

Review :all the 5 star review is result of our heart service, if you carefully read our review and other’s dealer review, you will find out only few fractional people see thorugh who is best choice for china panda volunteer.

Always some people spend much time in comparing all the offer, reading a lot of reviews, and finally choose us.
But There is kind of people who have outstanding analysis and comprehension ability,
they can draw the conclussion that WestChinaGo is best and Optimized Choice and make the right decision after indexing all panda tour trip info with short time.
ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018 Charter Car to Xian Terracotta Warriors

2018 Charter Car to Xian Terracotta Warriors

2018 Charter Car to Xian Terracotta Warriors

Charting Car can avoid a lot of hassles, due to the language barrier, such as wasting time to find the taxi or get ripped off by taxi, or taking much effort to reach the public bus, lining up for bus tickets, researching maps, making sense of Chinese signs, etc.
Charting Car can save you much time on the road.
Charting Car can make the trip at your peace, flexible, private…..
When tourist numbers>4, the average cost of person will be much more economic.
WestChinaGo offers best value transfer services in XiAn tour attractions,
We ensure you an enjoyable and hassle free journey with our fully qualified experienced drivers, well-conditioned serviced car and auto insurance coverage.

XiAn Car Rental with driver,charter car

5 seats Car:VW Passat, Camry, lacrosse--100usd

7 seats Car:Buick(GL8)---135 usd

  • round trip transportation, hotel pick up and drop off(within xian 3-ring road)
  • parking fee, fuel fee, toll fee

  •  Terracotta Warriors admission tickets
  • Tips for driver, depends on service, if good,tipping them is encouragement
  •  Lunch

when back trip to xian city,driver can drop off you at xian tourist attractions you like, such as city wall, muslim quarter,big wild goose pogada….
you car rent the Audio tour Guide gadget at the entrance,(Rental Fee: CNY 40 / person; Deposit: CNY 100)
ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service
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2018 China ChengDu Panda Holding

2018 China ChengDu Panda Holding

2018 China Panda Photo Official Cost:
1800 RMB/per≈ 264 usd/per
paid directly to WestChinaGo, we will issue commercial invoice to you, and prepare healthy certificate for your secure reservation.
WestChinaGo promise no overcharge, no hidden charge.
Entrance Fee
Once of your life time picture taken with panda
Golf car inside the facility
Donation certificate and panda souvenir
Reservation service fee
Health certificate for panda picture
Transportation to/from Dujiangyan Panda Base
Guide service,actually panda base staff speak fluent English,so no necessary to hire tour guide,at your discretion
Personal expense

Chartered Car —-Round Trip

 chartered car from chengdu to dujiangyan +Back trip
 Itinerary:From Chengdu to dujiangyan panda base,60 KM map
 Hotel pickup and drop off service
Tour NumberPrice
Chartered Car for 1 Traveler115 USD/Person
Chartered Car for 2 Travelers55 USD/Person
Chartered Car for 3 Travelers40 USD/Person
Chartered Car for 4 Travelers35 USD/Person
Chartered Car for 5 Travelers30 USD/Person

China ChengDu Panda Photo Itinerary Schedual
  • 7:00 AM: Pick Up From Hotel Lobby
  • 7:00-8:30 AM:Go To DuJiangyan Panda Base From Chengdu
  • 8:35:–8:45AM:register at office and sign the document
  • 8:50—10:20AM: Visting the Panda Enclosure.
  • 10:25AM: Change the outfit.
  • 10:30AM: Panda Photo Time
  • 10:40AM-10:50AM Present the donation certificate and souvenir
  • 11:00 AM departure and back to chengdu hotel

ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service

Address:1Building,1# DaYou Lane,,DongHuaMen St, JinJiang District,ChengDu.China 610015


Thursday, December 28, 2017




1800 RMB/per≈ 29,884 Japanese Yen/人
WestChinaGoは隠された料金を約束しない いいえ過度の料金
  • 入場料
  • 一度あなたの人生の時間パンダで撮影された写真
  • 観光施設内のゴルフカー
  • 寄付証明書とパンダのお土産
  • 予約サービス料
  • パンダ健康診断書

  • DuJiangYan パンダ ベースへの/からの輸送
  • ランチ
  • ガイドサービス、実際にパンダの基本スタッフは流暢な英語を話すので、あなたの裁量でツアーガイドを雇う必要はありません
  • 個人経費

チャータードカー - ラウンドトリップ
旅程:成都から都江堰パンダベース 60 キロメートル

1人分のチャータードカー14,015 JPY/人
2人の旅行者のためのチャータードカー7,224 JPY/人
3人乗りのチャータードカー5,527 JPY/人
4人乗りのチャータードカー4,961 JPY/人
5人の旅行者のためのチャータードカー4,395 JPY/人

ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Yangtze River Cruise---yangzi explorer

Yangtze River Cruise---yangzi explorer

Yangzi Explorer

Yangzi river cruisers typically carry 300-plus passengers. The MS Yangzi Explorer offers a more intimate and luxurious alternative, with a maximum of 124 guests enjoying the comforts of the largest cabins and suites on the river – along with a 1:1 crew to passenger ratio. All cabins have floor-to-ceiling windows with access to private balconies, and are equipped with a private bathroom, mini bar and LCD satellite TV. The four super suites – Mandarin, Jade (both 81 square metres), Celestial and Imperial (110 square metres) – have separate bedroom and living areas and combine detailed Chinese décor with the greatest modern comforts.
Life onboard is relaxed and unhurried, and embraces a fabulous range of facilities and activities, including a two-floor theatre and ultra-spacious spa. This is the smallest and most exclusive ship cruising the Three Gorges region, the scenic heart of the Yangzi. She sails downstream from Chongqing to Yichang over 4 days (3 nights) from Thursday to Sunday and upstream between the two cities over 5 days (4 nights) from Sunday to Thursday each week from spring to autumn. Group excursions with knowledgeable local guides to dramatic natural sights and cultural and technical marvels are limited to groups of less than 20 and retain the feel of a private tour. Messing about on the river is rarely this special.
The Yangzi Explorer was built in 1995 and refurbished in 2008. It’s a 5-star luxury vessel that is one of the smallest that operates overnight cruises on the Yangtze River in China. The 300-foot long vessel carries 124 passengers and 130 crew members. That’s not a typo either. Yes, there are actually more crew members than guests.
There are 5 passenger decks aboard the Yangzi Explorer, and 4 of the decks have staterooms. Staterooms are very spacious ranging in size from 333 square feet to 1183 square feet. As another added bonus, 100 percent of the staterooms have balconies.
In addition to its luxury accommodations, the Yangzi Explorer also features an Espresso Bar, the Tang Theater, a Medical Clinic, a Spa & Massage Room, a Fitness Center, a Beauty Salon, a Library and Boutique Shops in addition to its Main Dining Room and the Explorer Bar.
Intimate 124-guest ship provides a highly personalized experience
All staterooms have a river view.
An elevator is available for passenger use.
Laundry Service is available (there may be a fee).
24-hour room service is available.
Free WiFi is available onboard.
All staterooms aboard Century are fitted with 220 volt, European style two-prong plugs.North American cruisers should bring an adapter, such as the Samsonite Europe Non-Grounded adapter.Citizens of many countries are required by the Government of China to obtain a visa in addition to their regular passport. All passports must be valid for six months from the date of return. Obtaining these documents is the responsibility of the guest.

Yangzi Explorer-Yangtze River Cruise

Yangzi Explorer-Yangtze River Cruise
Maiden Voyage: 2009
载客 capacity:124人
船员 crew:130人
吨位 tonage:6733T
楼层 level:5层
房间 Total Cabins: 62
长度 length:91.5米
宽度 width:16.4米
船速 speed:26节
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