chengdu panda keeper

chengdu panda keeper
chengdu panda keeper program

Saturday, November 14, 2015

chengdu panda volunteer program cost

chengdu panda volunteer program cost

DuJiangYan|Chengdu Panda volunteer cost

authority cost:700 RMB/per
chartered car from chengdu to dujiangyan fee:700 RMB (round trip)hotel pickup and drop off service
tour guide tour guide.500 RMB/day,however the driver from westchinago travel service can speak english
dujiangyan panda volunteer program
WestChinaGo Travel Service
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chengdu panda volunteer program

two hoursWelcome ceremony ; Complete registration procedure;Pre-post training and some specific knowledge instruction;Clean panda’s enclosures ( including the leftover bamboo, the waste)
one hourVisit the science discovery center to learn how to rescue panda in the open air and practice the process with the help of instructors;
Visit the Giant Panda Veterinary Hospital and get to know the medical apparatus and understand how the staffs treat those sick pandas.
half an hourAssist your master to feed pandas by preparing bamboo, panda cakes and fruit and know better about their eating habit.
one hour and 45 minLunch time and rest time;
Visit around the base and see the cute panda.
45 minutesWatch the scientific film giant panda and appreciate the touch stories between pandas and human beings.
45 minutesVisit the kitchen and learn how to prepare the panda cakes with the help of your master.
45 minutesJoin the lecture about scientific knowledge of giant panda and know better about China’s national treasure.
half an hourPlant bamboo and trees to improve the pandas’ environment.
half an hourAnswer some scientific questions about panda through your whole days’ experience.

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