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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

mt emei tour

mt emei tour

The 3,099-meter tall Mt Emei is located in the city of Emeishan. Mt Emei and the Leshan Giant Buddha are both World Natural Heritage sites. The mountain, one of China’s four major Buddhism mountains - along with Mt Wutai, Mt Putuo, and Mt Jiuhua - has long been a drawcard for its grandeur, elegance, charm and mystery.
Situated on the southwest edge of Sichuan Basin, Mt. Emei is the general term of Da''e Mountain, Er''e Mountain and San''e Mountain. It was recorded in the Shuijingzhu, wrote by Li Daoyuan in the Northern Wei Dynasty that "it is thousand miles away from Chengdu, but it can be seen clearly in the autumn that two mountains face each other as eyebrows of a girl, so it is called Emei". For the height and geographical location of Mt. Emei, there is different scenery from the foot to the top in four seasons. Mt. Emei is grand and mysterious.
People are well advised to not travel unaccompanied in Mt Emei, as the monkeys there are somewhat mischievous, and often downright misbehaved. Do not carry plastic bags or leave food bags open; when the monkeys are around, avoid searching for things in your pockets; don’t wear red clothes; and don’t seek to come into contact with them.
Highly recommended culinary choices are the vegetarian meals served at the temples and the deliciously sweet Emei Dongba (glutinous rice cake).
Famous Attractions 
Golden Summit 
Golden Summit is the highest peak of Mt. Emei at3,077maltitude, and there is a bronze hall in the small plain on the peak, which is dazzling under the sunshine, so it is named Golden Summit. On theSummit, people may feel the grand, magnificent, and wonderful world clearly. Standing on the summit, you can see Chengdu Plain, Minjiang River, Qingyi River, Dadu River, Daxue Mountain, Wawu Mountain and Gongga Mountain clearly. Golden Summit is more magnificent in winter, and you may appreciate the sunset glow, sunrise or vast sea of clouds here.
It was called Temple of Thunder God and built in the Han Dynasty. An iron tablet is erected beside Leidongping to mind tourists keeping quiet; otherwise it will rain with thunder and lightning. It''s said that there are 72 caves under the cliff where the Dragon God and Thunder God live in; in the drought season, villagers come here and pray for rain by throwing down dead pig or dog, or clothes and shoes of women, and it will rain. Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty granted "Lingjue" (telegnosis). According to expert''s study, there are 29 kinds of azalea on Mt. Emei, including 12 on Leidongping, which are endemic species of China or Mt. Emei.
Wannian Temple 
Wannian Temple is one of ancient temples with a long history in Emeishan, Sichuan; it’s said that it is the Buddha worshiping place of Pugong of the Han Dynasty, who lived on Herb collection. As one of eight key temples of Emeishan, Wannian Temple is located on the west and faces to the east, and the Front Gate, Maitreya Hall, Brick Hall, Towering Hall and Mahavira Hall are arranged in sequence. The Brick Hall is brick dome roof structure, and other buildings in the Temple are timber structures. Two wonderful scenic spots in Wannian Temple respectively are Beamless Brick Hall and Baishuiqiufeng.
Ecological Monkey Area 
The mountains of immortals are endowed with outstanding people. Monkeys growing on Mt. Emei obtain power of the world. They are good at climbing, jumping, and playing with people. People call them the "Intelligent Monkey on Mt. Emei". Ecological Monkey Area, located under Hongchunping and near "A Gleam of Sky" of Qingyin Pavilion, is the largest natural wild monkey area in China with an area of about
180 yuan; 8 yuan for Baoguo Temple
Be sure to sample the vegetarian meals served at the temples and the sweet and delicious Emei Dongba (glutinous rice cake).
Mingshan Nanlu, Emeihsan

The Chengdu-Kunming rail line runs through the Emei area, with all services stopping in Emeishan. Additionally, the Chengdu New Nanmen Tourist Center, Chazidian Passenger Transportation Station, Jinsha Passenger Transportation Station, and the Chengbei Passenger Transportation Center all operate services to and from Mt Emei.
Almost all temples, large and small, have guest rooms available. Additionally, in Qingyige, Xixiangchi, Leidongping, and other places, some local residents offer accommodation in their homes. There are also some hotels in Jinding (the peak of the mountain).
You are well advised not to travel unaccompanied in Mt Emei. The monkeys there are somewhat misbehaved. Do not carry plastic bags or leave bags with food in them open. When seeing monkeys around, avoid searching for things in your pockets. Do not wear red clothes. Do not come into contact with monkeys.

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