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Saturday, April 21, 2012

West China Travel ----ChengDu Tour

West China Go----Chengdu Tour

Almost foreigner tourist pass by chengdu.
they will visit Ancient QingTai Road
where is near KuanZai Lane

Ancient QingTai's name is inspired by real ancient story.exact this place happened
This road architecture follow ancient style

Another reason to here is due to sichuan opera
SuFengYaYun locate in this road.,
who is professional theatre to perform Chuan opera

the content including surprisingly face-changing ,risky Rolling lamp ,splitting fire...
wonderful performance always take away audience's breath.
it's so magic as to many tourist want to figur out how can they manag it

CHUAN Opera performance is arranged at 8:00PM
over at 9:30PM
after end up,you will be picked up to hotel for rest

traveling is a tired thing
usually in tour trip,we will arrange customer massaged by professiona massagist
who is from Chengdu University of TCM
not only will you relax ,but you will get cure dd
if you have ache or problem of the cervical vertebra ,or The taper waist .....

afterwards,to enjoy the chuan opera at night

spend a meaningful and refreshing day
West China GoTravel Service

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