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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who Found the first Panda in the world

Who Found the first Panda in the world

At the middle of 19th missioner from france whose name is david found it by chance Overhearding that there was one rare Animal species in baoxing,ya'an,sichuan,he came to china the 2nd time.
one time.his back way after taking some Biological specimen,he was treated with tea and confectionary by local farmer,occsionally he was attracted by the mysterous and special fur skin on the wall.

the host told him it's from white attacking, david was very excited with this,alomost with instinct,realizing that it will be biggest discovery for Animal species gaps.

afterwards he fail to take live panda to paris,only take the fur skin then panda become famous,as to his life and fate was changed with tragedy and comedy
The first foreigner to hunt panda is from amercian,who are two sons of USA president roosevelt

once they cooperated to kill one adult femal panda sucessfully

besides,people from germany ,englands...continued to come to china for hunting panda

or offering high price to hire chinese to hunt

in this way,many many panda was killed by chinese mercilessly

the number can not be calculted

at last ,no body had taken away the live padan
------------------------------------------------------------------------- of sons of USA president roosevelt,seeing vivid and cute panda at new york,sigh with passion:if this panda be my souvenir under gun.i prefer my son for replacement.

who can judge whether those remark is from deep regret or temporary improvise


According to Archaeology reserach.,the time of panda's apperance is from before 7000-8000 thousands years,whose ancestry lived in torrid and damp forest.

600 thousands years ago.the panda's speices devolopment reached its prosperous summit

Now panda mainly locate in SiChuna china ,very very rare.other animals specise exist at same time already become extinct,like stegodon and Smilodon Hoplophoninae ---into fossil

But panda surviva luckily untill today.

Let's love and protect it
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